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There is a spark inside each one of us. It is simple. Without it, we would be total darkness and YOU are the engine that drives our projects. Our role is to be the fuel that will burst your spark in a flame, your idea in a project, your dream in a reality and your efforts in success. As for us, what increase our power level is the pride of proclaiming the success of our clients. That is why we put all our effort in the heart of all our actions. This leads us to create the beat of this heart and to take your products to a new level.

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Carl Cousineau


Southtrade & Solutions

Be part of your work team, being an effective solution in the efficient development of your business, maximizing success in your international operations and minimizing commercial risks.

Marc-André Morin Déziel


Southtrade & Solutions

Make businesses simpler and safer for you, providing a personalized, flexible and continuous service, where our advice is immediate and timely for the satisfaction of all your business needs.

Carl Cousineau


Southtrade & Solutions

* Establish efficient methods that allow us to market products of high quality and functionality.
* Be flexible in our logistic processes of Import and Export of different products.
* Advise our clients at all times to minimize any commercial risk.
* Maintain preferential negotiations that allow us to reach new markets.
* Strengthen business relationships with our agents and suppliers worldwide.
* Generate a chain of trust in your commercial management between your clients and potential suppliers.
* Create new strategic alliances that allow us to obtain benefits for our clients.

South Trade & Solutions

We have highly trained personnel in the execution of their functions, mixing experience and knowledge in the area of national and international trade, willing to support them in all their commercial activities. We hope to have your support and confidence to be your best allies.