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Banano Ecuador

Banana of Ecuador

A healthy fruit

The banana is quite nutritious, it does not make us gain weight and it can be eaten at any time of the day. It is estimated that it has 23% of the daily requirements of carbohydrates, in addition to containing only 0.2% of fat and no cholesterol. Bananas are also one of the fruits with the highest content of proteins and natural sugars. Because of this, it is a great source of energy and is recommended for athletes. On the other hand, it highlights its high content of potassium, selenium and iron, three essential minerals for the health of the main systems of the body. Provides a large amount of fiber, which makes it ideal for digestive and cardiovascular health.  

Banano Banana


of banana

  • - - It is one of the most used natural benefits in the world. It serves to relieve and prevent stomach ulcers.

  • - Its flavonoids stimulate the amount of mucus that acts as a protective barrier between the stomach and gastric juices.

  • - Neutralizes acidity and relieves symptoms such as inflammation, pain and indigestion.

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