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Cocoa and Chocolate

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Cocoa CCN51



- In the first place, it stands out his high productivity that arrives in highly technified farms to surpass the 50 quintals per hectare.
- It is a self-compatible clone, that is, it does not need cross-pollination for its proper fruiting, like most clones.
- The CCN-51 is characterized for being a precocious cultivar since it begins its production at 24 months of age.
- It is tolerant to the "Witch Broom" disease that attacks most varieties of cocoa destroying much of its production.
- He's sensitive to Monillia.
- It is a plant of erect growth but low height which facilitates and cheapens agronomic work such as pruning and harvesting among others.
- Cob Index (IM) 8 cob/pound of dry cocoa, compared to the average of 12 cob/pound.
- Seed Indide: 1.45 g/dry and fermented seed compared with the average rate of 1.2 g/dry seed.
- Seed Index per cob: which is 45, much higher than the normal average of 36 seeds per cob.
- Adaptability: It is a cosmopolitan clone that adapts to almost all tropical zones from sea level to 1,000 above sea level.
- Percent butter (54%) which makes it highly valued by the industry.
Cocoa Chocolate



The richness and abundance of natural resources that characterize the cocoa production areas in Ecuador have allowed this product, over several centuries and in the hands of 100,000 small farmers, to develop unique attributes of flavor and aroma. Ecuadorian cocoa is differentiated by having a variety of flavors, excelling those that evoke plums, raisins, blackberries, citrus, nuts, caramel, honey, malt, cane, almonds, peanuts, jasmine and violet flowers. 

Chocolate The Excellent Fruit



- It contains theobromine that stimulates the generation of endorphins which are the hormones of euphoria and joy. - Improves the health of blood vessels and blood circulation.
- Contains serotonin for the best performance of the brain.
- Reduces depression and improves the character of the people who consume it.
- Contains positive fats for the body.
- Help with concentration.
- Dark chocolates are known as products that lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and generators of a number of antioxidants.   

Flavored chocolates Chocolate

Flavored chocolates

We have chocolates with natural flavor and also different types of varieties to delight the palate.  

Chocolate The Excellent Fruit


Our variety

- Organic cocoa powder.
- Conventional cocoa powder
- Cocoa Nibs

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