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Naranjilla Ecuador


Sustainable cultivation

The naranjilla is a very popular fruit in Ecuador and other Latin countries. It is also known as lulo, obando, cocona, or nuqui. Although its name implies that it looks like orange, it is actually very different - its flavor is more sour and acidic. The interior of the fruit looks more like a tree tomato than an orange

Naranjilla Lulo


of naranjilla

  • - It is rich in vitamin C diuretic and eliminates uric acid
  • - Contains vitamin A, protein, phosphorus, niacin, iron and calcium
  • - Avoid hypertension and migraine
  • - Combats nerve diseases and improves sleep
  • - Lowers cholesterol. Helps strengthen the nails, bones, hair and increases the body's defenses
  • - When consumed in juices or shakes helps to level blood pressure and regulates heart function

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